About me

Portuguese Nationality and Switzerland but being Africa " Angola " her birth country. Kamy Moser soon realized their love for the Arts . Alone , with stubbornness and grit to it usual , spent paints and canvas , (later destroyed ) until she mastered the materials.

However needed technique, and so with the insistence of a friend, she took up the work. Was Master Zoran Smiljanic and Teresa Trigalhos student in their painting school, who taught her Russian and French schools techniques. Then came the opportunity to display her works, made ​​several solo and group exhibitions .

About her work gallerist Helder Correia wrote : " ... Looking a screen of this artist, delights us by the colors and glamour , that transmits all her joy of painting , as well as the smoothness of the traits that touches us immediately . a true revolution of soul full of energy and sensuality ... "

Also the art teacher Emmanuel Correia wrote : " ... In Kamy Moser when the trait is sovereign, screen space expands - it loses the notion of the limit , tends to suggestible Besides the smoothness of paint - Kamy Congratulations ! . .. "


Philosophy of the Artist


" Lady of a Lifetime "


Why try to describe in words so limited wonderful experience that is "alive" and Sense Life. Walking through this world of art, I find that my passion is to paint the emotion that manifests itself everywhere.







Work Tools

Every tool possible, if no ... CREATE THEM, it is important to achieve your goal.




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